Why are you making this?


We built this app because as children of immigrant parents, we are tired of living in a world that tells us that we're second class citizens, that we're sexual objects or geeks and nerds - something perpetuated through negative depictions of Asians in mainstream media.


We're trying to combat this by empowering Asians to tell their own stories proudly and to find self-love and self-acceptance in the process.  We allow users to practice these skills by offering prompts that celebrate the Asian identity such as "What I love about being Asian".


At the end of the day, it’s about healing.  It’s about recognizing that the Asian diaspora is on a journey to heal from generations of ancestral trauma and internalized racism.  It’s time we start loving ourselves.

Our core message to the Asian community is "love yourself".  And for those who go on that journey, it’s a chance to find love, dignity, joy, and maybe connect with others on the same path along the way.

How do you define Asian?  Does it include South Asians communities?


We have all types of Asians from our collective diaspora joining our app - third culture Asians, mixed Asians, South Asians, transracial adoptees, Central Asians, Pacific Islanders, South American Asians and more. Our app is for anyone who self-identifies as Asian. We don't define what Asian means - you do!

Is your platform open to LGBTQ+ users?


Absolutely!  It's for any and all who self-identify as Asian, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

What if I’m a mixed Asian?  Am I still welcome to join?


We certainly hope you do!  Any and all who self-identify as Asian, even if partial, are welcome!

What if I’m a trans-racial Asian adoptee?  


Please do!  We’d love to have you join us and the unique perspective that you’d bring to the conversation!

Isn’t there another dating app for Asians already?  Why do we need another one?


There is.  But the way we see it, the other one is Long Duk Dong from "Sixteen Candles" and Alike is Awkwafina from "The Farewell".  We feel Alike better captures our story, which is why this app was born.

I don’t want to date someone who’s only interested in dating Asians.  Is this app still for me?


It is!  This app isn't about just dating Asians!  The average dating app user uses 3-4 dating apps simultaneously to reach different crowds, and chances are, you do, too!  So, the crowd on Alike isn’t interested in only dating Asians, but they are open to it and see the value of meeting someone with a similar background and experience.  If you’re open to dating Asians, Alike is the best place to do it because you’ll get to see their personality and hear their voice!

Do I have to shoot a video?  What if I don't want to?


We get it! No one likes to record themselves! But we’re convinced that you’ll find it worthwhile. We’ve found that users who initially didn’t want to record videos changed their minds after seeing other video profiles and realized the benefits of it!  You also have the option of uploading pre-recorded videos as well!


How are you going to keep the app just for Asians?


Alike is built to be a safe space where Asians can celebrate our identity, culture and story.  The emphasis, and our primary goal, is on CELEBRATING our experience.  The focus isn't about keeping it just for Asians.  But you will have the option to match with whomever you'd like to match with.  If you want to match with only Asians, you will!  If you want to match with everyone, you will!  It's up to you!